5 Top Single-Pin Sights for Bowhunters

Yes, there are pros and cons to single-pin sights. Since there are cons, single-pin sights are not for everyone. However, single-pin sights are the go-to for those bowhunters who feel the pros outweigh the cons.

Still, decisions must be made to find the best single-pin sight for an individual setup. The most common features to explore are pin diameter, housing size, adjustment, distance capability, and price. With that in mind, the following single-pin bow sights cover the gamut and offer individual solutions for most bowhunters.


HHA Tetra Max

The Tetra Max sight includes two yardage wheels, making it exceptionally easy to set up and shoot two different arrows quickly and efficiently. Why shoot two different arrows? Bowhunters live to hunt big game species, but not all species are created equal. Hunting pronghorn in the open plains calls for a lighter, faster arrow to be successful. In contrast, a slower, heavier arrow for Midwest whitetail out of a treestand provides energy for penetrating the larger-bodied game. HHA states that a wheel swap to accommodate a second arrow is a “snap” and takes only a few minutes on the range.

The Tetra Max is available in multiple pin thicknesses, housing sizes, and left- and right-hand models to accommodate any shooting style. The Tetra Max bow sight will fit any model bow via the standard side-mounting bracket. HHA offers the Tetra Max configured to fit Hoyt’s and Mathew’s proprietary dovetail systems. An HHA Blue Burst light can be added to any model to illuminate the tape scale to adjust in limited lighting scenarios.

The Tetra Max will last a lifetime but will set you back over four bills.

From HHA

“The best adjustable bow sight on the market! The Tetra Max features a removable wheel to allow for multiple arrow combinations without the need to re-sight your bow. Available in a single pin or 4-pin configuration.”


  • Infinite-Adjust elevation system
  • Mechanical rheostat
  • Integrated leveling bubble
  • Water-resistant yardage tapes
  • Armored Pins
  • Yardage wheel magnifier
  • Blue Burst light compatible
  • Lens compatible
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty




SpotHogg Fast Eddie

SpotHogg’s Fast Eddie is designed for the avid bowhunter. Yardage adjustments are made quickly and silently, without unnecessary clicking sounds. Setup of the sight is just as easy, with all adjustments possible without the need for special tools.

A new, improved yardage dial makes it easier to grip and set the desired yardage. The yardage wheel tension is adjusted easily and locks into place with a quick-release lock. The Fast Eddie is available in left- and right-hand models. It can be purchased configured with three different pin diameters and colors. The Fast Eddie sight is also available in multi-pin configurations.

The Fast Eddie is a lightweight sight and comes in just under $300.

From SpotHogg
“Light, quiet and easy to use; the Fast Eddie was designed with the hunter in mind and is sure to satisfy the needs of today’s hardcore hunter.”


  • Available with the NEW MRT Multi-Pin Housing
  • Lightweight, solid fixed hard mount
  • Micro-adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis
  • Coarse horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Toolless adjustment
  • Silent, quick-release lock for yardage knob
  • Spread out sight marks
  • Improved yardage dial
  • Solid 6061 aluminum construction



Apex Gear Covert

The Apex Gear Covert is a moderately-priced single-pin sight. Depending on the configuration, it’s priced near $150. The Covert is packaged with over 120 pre-printed yardage tapes to match any bow and arrow speed combination. Distance adjustment is made with a smooth, gear-driven yardage wheel

A definite plus of the Covert is its patented VERSA•PIN technology. The VERSA•PIN system allows quick and easy exchange of pins of various dimensions and colors to match the hunting situation. Easy to swap pins come in two sizes, .010” or .019” and three fiber colors, green, red and yellow.

From Apex Gear
“With micro-adjustable windage, over 120 pre-printed yardage tapes for precise calibration, VERSA•PIN technology, an available detachable bracket, a gear-driven elevation control for smooth adjustment, this is a single-pin that provides precision without distraction.”


  • Ultra-smooth, easy one-hand adjustments
  • GRAVITY-LINE rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity
  • Rear-facing, easy-to-see yardage tape location
  • The bracket incorporates dampened end-of-travel stops
  • Adjustable yardage pointer




Trophy Ridge React One Pro

The React One Pro from Trophy Ridge is available in a standard bracket and dovetail mount for left- and right-handed bowhunters. Additionally, the sight can be configured with .010 or 0.19 diameter pins. The sight is adjusted easily without tools at a micro-level. Most archers should be able to shoot out to 100 yards effectively with the React One Pro.

The React One Pro comes with everything a bowhunter needs to succeed; the package includes 10 custom sight tapes and a lens retainer ring (accepts 1-5/8 lens size; lens not included). At just under $300, the React One Pro is priced at the high end of the moderate range.

From Trophy Ridge

“Faster and more precise than other adjustable sights, the React One Pro will deliver year after year, hunt after hunt.”


  • Advanced toolless micro-click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Fiber optic yardage indicators compensate for various environmental conditions
  • Third-axis leveling to strengthen accuracy at severe angles over longer distances




Black Gold Ascent Whitetail

The Ascent Whitetail includes most of the leading features of other Ascent sights, but it is compact, lightweight, and easily maneuverable in tight quarters. The Ascent Whitetail features the revolutionary SkyCoil that gathers light from above and delivers it to the sight pin. It also includes PhotoChromatic technology, adjusting to the ambient light level while preventing any pin halo effect.

Available in left- and right-hand models, the Ascent Whitetail sight is moderately priced at around $200. Its sight housing is 1 ¾” and features a single .019 pin. The Ascent Whitetail is also available in a 3-pin model.

From Black Gold
“The ultimate whitetail hunting sight! All the great features of our industry-leading Ascent Verdict but in a compact, lightweight version.”


  • Level Head sight ring for easy adjustment
  • Indexable indicator needle for easy re-sighting
  • Splined vertical drive gear to increase durability
  • High-performance PhotoChromatic shell
  • More range and adjustability
  • Angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from the side or back
  • 54 sight tapes
  • Precision 1st and 2nd Axis adjustability
  • Designed to work with one-piece quivers
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment
  • 2X or 4X lens adaptable (optional)

While all of the featured sights — and others within the category — have similar features and abilities, there is also a wide range of diversity. Before making a hasty decision, visit your local sporting goods store or pro shop to make a well-informed decision before bolting on a new single-pin sight.


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