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Calling All Bears

Few things in the hunting world are as exciting as calling an animal and having that animal come in for a close encounter. When that animal has teeth, feet, claws, and, often, a lousy

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Versatile Gear I Like

Great gear makes all the difference, and these tried-and-true items fall in the “Best” category. If you want your outdoor ventures to be safe, comfortable, and produce results, this six pack should be atop

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New from Hornady, the ELD-VT (Extremely Low Drag Varmint|Target) promises remarkable accuracy, rapid fragmentation, and absolute lethality. And, the new-for-2024 V-Math also proves supreme on toothy critters. by Mark Kayser Predator hunting, with coyote

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10 Great Late-Season Gear Grabs

The late season is a beautiful time to hunt. Fowl is flying, predators are hungry, and big bucks are trying hard to pack fat back on after a hard rut. Don’t let Mother Nature’s

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Tested True: Burris’ BTS35 v2 Thermal

If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use thermal scope with a quick disconnect option and tons of purposeful, technology-rich features without a $5K or higher price tag, Burris’ BTS35 v2 is your go-to.

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Gear Up For Coyote Breeding Season

If you’re a predator junkie, there’s no better time of year to call coyotes close. As days lengthen and the coyote rut rolls on, male and female dogs are looking for love, and if

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Born Hunting