MTM Jammit Target Stands & All-Weather Bird Board For The Win

From plinking, to sighting-in big-game rifles, to patterning shotguns and slugs, MTM’s Jammit Target Stands and Bird Boards have you covered.

by Scott Haugen

I don’t know how many target stands I’ve used over the decades. I do know if you were to show up at my shop you’d find three MTM Jammit Target Stands inside. You’d also find one in the back of my truck.

I started using the MTM Target Stands when my sons were young. The boys are now in their 20s and have moved on but I still have the stands. MTM’s Jammit Target Stands are versatile, quick to set up and easy to use. Changing shooting distances is simple and fast and what I really love about them is the backer board options.

When sighting in rifles or pistols, I simply slip a section of cardboard into the board, stick a target on it, and get to work. When sighting in shotguns with red dot sights for turkey hunting, I also use cardboard backing. It’s cheap, fast and always in supply.

My boys began shooting rimfire rifles when they were a few years old. Punching paper was okay but they really enjoyed watching balloons pop and tipping over tin cans. Then MTM’s Bird Board came along. This all-weather target backer took my sons’ interest in shooting to another level. The Bird Board comes with clips that are simple to insert into the board and hold clay targets. The boys would spend hours shooting cases of clays. They loved watching them bust apart. Not only was it fun for them but it spurred healthy competition, which made them exceptional shooters. To this day they’re some of the best marksmen I’ve seen, and I credit high volume target practice at a young age, for that.

The Bird Board absorbs thousands of shots and lasts for years. Not only can all sizes of clay targets be inserted into the clips, but my boys attached balloons to them, too. No standing target board inspired my kids to shoot more than the Jammit Target Stands with Bird Boards. Funny thing is, I still use it today as part of my job.

Whether I’m testing new loads for big game hunting, preparing for an African safari, dialing in a shotgun slug, or honing my less than stellar pistol skills, the Jammit  Target Stand is what I rely on. I’ve owned many shooting stands over the years but have since given most of them away.

When sighting in rifles, I simply slap a target onto a sheet of cardboard, stick it in the tabs of the stand, and it’s ready to shoot. When patterning shotguns, cut a piece of cardboard that’s two to three times higher than what you’d use for rifles and stick the target high on the cardboard. This will ensure the pattern’s point of impact is above the stand. The stands are tough and can absorb hits. I have lots of shotgun pellet holes in mine, and have hit them with .22 caliber rounds.  As tough as they are, you don’t want to hit the wrong spot. The two stakes are sturdy and easy to plant in the ground. It’s great for shooting on hillsides and uneven ground.

If desiring a target system that’s simple and quick to set up that withstands a little punishment, you can’t go wrong MTMs Jammit Target Stand and All-Weather Bird Board.

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