NEW Wicked Ridge RDX 410™ is Shorter, Faster, and Features NEW ACUdraw Silent™ and NEW Pro-View™ 400 Lighted Scope

Wicked Ridge Crossbows recently launched a makeover of their best-selling reverse-draw crossbow in the NEW American-Built RDX 410. Featuring silent cocking with the NEW ACUdraw Silent and NEW Pro-View 400 lighted scope, the RDX 410 measures 3-inches shorter, at 29-inches, and shoots 10 feet-per-second faster, at 410 feet-per-second, than the previous RDX 400.

“At $899, the RDX 410 is packed with features more commonly seen at the $1,500 price-range,” said TenPoint CEO Phil Bednar. “Combining reverse-draw speed and a compact 29-inch length with silent cocking and a lighted scope produces a crossbow that truly redefines value in a reverse-draw crossbow.”

Fully integrated into the butt stock to eliminate the possibility of forgetting it, the NEW ACUdraw Silent is the easiest ACUdraw to operate – providing silent cocking and reducing the draw weight to just 5-pounds for easy and effortless cocking.

The RDX 410’s reverse-draw, ultra-narrow bow assembly measures a remarkable 9-inches wide. Its lightweight cast aluminum riser is fitted with the company’s slim RD™ pocket that reduces sound and vibration. The pockets hold the bow’s 11.7-inch limbs that are powered by the Reaper Cam System™.

The RDX 400 is equipped with a NEW Pro-View 400™ Lighted Scope. Illuminated red or green and featuring an updated reticle that provides a cleaner view for the shooter and additional aim points out to 70-yards, the 4×32 scope accommodates crossbows shooting between 380-420 FPS.

Its stock assembly features the Tactical X™ stock. Molded from glass filled polypropylene and configured with optimal comb-height and length-of-pull, the stock features tactical cutouts to reduce weight and improve balance. In addition, large safety wings on top of the crossbow’s fore-grip help prevent a shooter’s fore-grip fingers and thumb from moving above the flight deck while shooting the crossbow.

A string stop system is included in the bow package and fits into the end of the barrel to further reduce noise and vibration.

The RDX 410 features TenPoint’s DFI™ (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) and ultra-crisp 3 ½-pound trigger.

In addition, its weaver-style dovetail is fitted with a nylon-filament arrow retention brush that improves arrow grip and alignment and reduces noise and vibration.

Decorated in the Peak XT™ camo pattern, the RDX 410 ships as a complete package, including:

  • Pro-View 400 Lighted Scope
  • ACUdraw Silent Cocking Device
  • 3 Match 400 Carbon Alpha-Nock Arrows
  • Quiver

RDX 410 Specs:

  • 410 FPS
  • 29” Short (w/o stirrup)
  • 9” Narrow
  • 7.25-pounds (w/o ACUdraw Silent)


  • $899.99 with ACUdraw Silent

Wicked Ridge Crossbows is 100% American owned, operated, and all of their crossbow models are designed and built in Mogadore, OH.


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