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Elk Woods Tested Part Ii: Browning & Sitka

Elk Woods Tested Part II: Browning & Sitka

Elk guru, Zach Bowhay, spent his 2024 elk season testing different clothing from outdoor apparel  kingpins. Last month, Bowhay reviewed items from Kryptek and KUIU. This month, Sitka and Browning are on the agenda.

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Versatile Gear I Like

Great gear makes all the difference, and these tried-and-true items fall in the “Best” category. If you want your outdoor ventures to be safe, comfortable, and produce results, this six pack should be atop

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10 Great Late-Season Gear Grabs

The late season is a beautiful time to hunt. Fowl is flying, predators are hungry, and big bucks are trying hard to pack fat back on after a hard rut. Don’t let Mother Nature’s

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Born Hunting