The 5 Best Travel Targets For The On-The-Go Bowhunter

You spend all year honing your shooting skills. Don’t stop once the season starts. It’s essential to keep sending carbon at foam even when you’re on the hunt, and these five travel targets make this must-do task possible.

by Jace Bauserman

For the past 20 years, bowhunting has been my job. It’s odd to say, but it’s true. I make my living working as an outdoor writer, and success in the woods directly impacts how much work I can produce throughout the year. 

My approach is radical because I deeply respect the animals I pursue and want to be the best bowhunter I can be. Year-round training is in order to ensure that I can make it count when I get my opportunity. 

I lift weights, run seven days a week, and compete in multiple ultra-marathons yearly. I shoot my bow daily and stick to a strict practice regimen. I’m constantly working to improve. 

When the season arrives, I live out of my truck and backpack. It’s a non-stop grind from September through mid-December. And though I can’t run and lift each day, I still prioritize shooting my bow — even a single arrow a day — when I’m on the hunt. I accomplish this by always having one or two traveling targets in my truck. 

These have been my go-to favorites. They are tried-and-true and will keep your skills sharp and honed during the season.

Best Overall Traveling Target

Morrell High Roller Foam Target


  • Not too big, and not too small
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Handles field points and broadheads
  • Longevity
  • 6-sided target face with distinct aiming points
  • Rope carry handle


  • I’ve tried to find one but can’t

This target has proved its salt to me. I own several. Two sit in my backyard range year-round. I don’t take the targets out of the rain or snow, and I abuse them. Weighing 10 pounds and measuring 13″ x 13″ x 13″ this target is ideal for tossing in the back of the truck and taking on any hunt mission. 

I love the included rope handle. The handle makes transport a breeze and allows the user to swing the target by the handle and toss it where you want it. A dice-style target with six-sided shooting and 21 defined white aiming points, this target gives you options, and each dot can take a beating.

I have shot field points and broadheads into the target, which handles both easily. Arrow removal is butter, and the fade-resistant paint and weather-resistant design make it the best traveling target I have used.

Best Minimalist Travel Target

Rinehart Pyramid Target


  • Pyramid design takes up little space
  • Rope handle for transport
  • Defined aiming points
  • Flat-bottom prevents tipping over
  • Self-healing foam


  • Triangle face leaves little room for error

Though Rinehart discontinued its first Pyramid Target, which I loved, their website has a new version. Branded with neon-green aiming points and not white aiming points, this lesser-sized target is ideal for backcountry elk camps. 

The rope handle makes transport easy, and like the High Roller, the target can be tossed and shot. The downside to launching it is the target rarely lands on its base. 

I have been impressed with how the target handles field points and broadheads. Rinehart built its name on their ability to create durable, self-healing foam, and this target is excellent if you’re in the market for a solid travel target.

Best Travel Target For Broadheads

Delta McKenzie Big 8 16″


  • 8-sided shooting
  • Extremely durable foam
  • Replaceable core insert
  • 16-inch target face
  • Multiple color and size aiming points


  • Too many aiming points on one target face
  • Heavy

Don’t look at the cons and disregard this target. I keep mine in my backyard year-round and shoot the snot out of it. The target is heavy because of the competition-grade self-healing foam. You’re not going to wear this target out. It will take high-speed arrow after arrow, bolt after bolt (crossbow), and stop carbon dead in its tracks. 

I love the 8-sided shooting, and while I would like to see fewer aiming points on some sides of the target, this is an attraction to many shooters. As long as you shoot them, multiple target dots prevent additional target wear from shooting groups.

The 16-inch target is ideal for the traveling bowhunter and makes a great addition to any backyard range. I also love that Delta McKenzie added a removable and replaceable core. 

Best Budget Travel Target 

Morrell Yellow Jacket Stinger Field Point Archery Target


  • 38 layers of arrow-stopping power
  • E-Z tote carry handle
  • 2 shooting sides
  • 10 aiming points
  • Easy on the wallet


  • Arrow speeds over 335 will be too much
  • Longevity
  • Doesn’t handle arrows with outserts well

It’s not often you find a 20″ x 11″ x 20″ bag target for under $40 that performs well. This target does, so I don’t hesitate to throw one in the back of my truck and hit the road. I like the target’s defined bulls-eye style aiming points; if I rotate spots, I blow the target out slowly. If you change areas and don’t over-shoot the target, it will make a good travel companion for several years.

The bag is ultra-durable and stands up against nasty weather, and arrow removal is smooth. This target is not intended for broadheads, and if you tempt fate and send a broadhead-tipped arrow into the target, you’ll be doing surgery to get your arrow and broadhead out. 

The target weighs 19 pounds, and though it has a max FPS rating of 335 fps, most compound bows set up for hunting come in under this speed.

Best Full-Size Travel Target

BLOCK Infinity 22″ Target


  • Six-sided shooting
  • Square aiming points
  • Layered foam core
  • Ultra-durable
  • Easy arrow removal


  • Pricy

I love BLOCK Targets, and the Infinity 22″ is one of my favorites. This target takes a ride in my truck if I know I will be hunting in a particular locale for several weeks or if I know I will be hunting with a group. 

The olyFusion layered foam stops arrows cold, and you can shoot field points, mechanical, hybrid, and fixed-blade broadheads into the foam. Arrow removal is easy, and though I do wish BLOCK would alter its pair of side-carrying handles, the target is reasonably easy to move around.

Another feature I love about this target is the white aiming points against the blackface. I also appreciate that BLOCK added outlined-in-white squares with a black interior and separated aiming-point with crosshair-style lines. 

The BLOCK’s large square target face is one of the best for conquering target panic. Often, I use to spray paint to cover all the aiming points and create a solid black surface for blank-bale shooting. Then, I add customized aiming points later on. 


Final Thoughts

There you have it — the down-and-dirty on the best travel targets in the industry. Don’t go weeks on hunts or between hunts not shooting your bow. Bowhunting is a game of exact repeatability and precise execution. Stay sharp all season long by taking a foam or bag-style travel partner on every hunt. 


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