Best Cold Weather Hunting Gear

With the arrival of cold weather, it’s crucial for a successful hunt that you remain warm and comfortable throughout the season. The importance of having appropriate gear for biting wind, snow, and even ice cannot be overstated. It can determine whether your experience is tolerable or downright miserable. Staying comfortable in the field allows you to withstand the cold and focus on your hunt.

At Born Hunting, we’re a team of dedicated and passionate hunters. We hunt in various weather conditions and across multiple states. These products have been chosen by hunters, for hunters. We understand the unique demands of cold weather hunting and our selection reflects our commitment to enhancing your hunting experience even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.


ScentLok Men’s Bowhunter Elite Fortress Parka

The ultimate late-season coat. With its windproof, waterproof, and breathable design, it offers protection against the elements without sacrificing comfort. For maximum warmth, the Fortress parka features Thinsulate insulation for optimal core warmth. This parka has ten pockets for gear storage and it includes a concealed safety harness opening for treestand use. This Fortress Parka is the ideal choice for late season hunting when you’re seeking warmth, minimal bulk, waterproof, and windproof performance. MSRP: $279.99


Sitka Fanatic Bibs

The Sitka Fanatic Bibs are a must-have for hunters seeking superior-cold weather protection and noise-reduction technology during those late season sits. These bibs incorporate Gore-tex Infinium with Windstopper to shield against harsh winds. Adding to their practicality, the bibs are equipped with cargo-style pockets that snap close for gear storage. Their ultra-quiet and warm design blend comfort and mobility, ensuring you remain hidden during your late season hunts. MSRP: $375.20


ScentLok Men’s Fortress Camo Hunting Gloves

Apart of the same series, these gloves feature quiet fabric and Carbon Alloyä technology that helps you stay scent free. The Fortress series offer waterproof, windproof insulated protection during the late season push. MSRP: $59.99


First Lite Furnace 350 Beanie

For late-season hunting in frigid conditions, the First Lite Furnace 350 Beanie is the go-to choice. Crafted from their heaviest wood fabric, this beanie delivers exceptional warmth and comfort. Rated for temperatures well below zero. MSRP: $35.00


Men’s Smartwool Classic Thermal Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer

The Smartwool Merino Base Layer long sheeve is the ideal choice for cold-weather hunting. 100% Merino wool provides breathable warmth and natural sweat-wicking properties to keep you comfortable in chilly conditions. MSRP: $115.00


Guide Gear Field General 4-Star Insulated Thermal Ground Blind with Snow Pole

This ground blind combines rugged insulation and spacious design, ensuring a comfortable hunt during the cold weather hunts. The Field General 4-Star offers ample room for hunts of all sizes, featuring an expansive 89” hub to hub and 82” ceiling height for comfortable stand-up shooting. The weather resistant Burly Shell MAX insulated fabric and robust frame with heavy-duty poles ensure durability even in high winds. Multiple overhead gear lofts for accessories and gear pockets for extra storage. MSRP: $279.99/$251.99 member price.


Rechargeable Portable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable Portable Hand Warmers are perfect for all outdoor activities. Voted best gifts. Pocket size and three temperature settings. Rapid heating in a matter of seconds. MSRP: $27.99


Merino Wool Cold Weather Socks

These cold weather socks are made with Thermolite technology, combined with natural Merino wool. Merino wool is the most moisture wicking fabric, offering more breathability and odor-resistance. MSRP: $30.99


Dryshod Arctic Storm Mid-Winter Boot

Waterproof from top to bottom and repels all moisture from fabric. 5mm of Densoprene foam for insulation. Comfort range in temperature -50 to 62 degrees. The Arctic Storm boots will keep your feet warm, dry, and have good traction on snow, mud, and ice. MSRP: $169.95


Meindl Comfort Fit Hunter 400 Boots

The Meindl Comfort Fit Hunter insulated boots get you from opening day to the first snow. These mid-height boots offer plenty of ankle support for the backcountry terrain. 400-gram Primaloft Gold insulation keeps chill away. 100% waterproof. MSRP: $350


Boot Dryer

In today’s market, finding waterproof boots isn’t a challenge. However, mud, rain, and snow can lead to moisture inside the boots from sweat and condensation. To ensure optimal comfort after a day in wet terrain, you will need to dry the interior of your boots before wearing them again. Neglecting this step can result in not only discomfort but also foul odors. The Job Site Boot Dryer is great for hunting boots, work boots. $36.99


Stanley GO The Quick Flip GO Bottle 24oz

For those early morning-wake up calls during hunting season, the Quick Flip GO Bottle becomes an indispensable companion. Your coffee will stay hot for up to 8 hours, providing the perfect warmth needed to get you through the chilly morning sit. The trigger action lid, designed for spill-proof convenience, allows for quick sips with just one hand- a must. Toss this reliable travel thermos into your pack without hesitation, ensuring you stay fueled and focused. Available in many color options. MSRP: $25.00

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