Protect Your Taxidermy With Velvet Antler Technologies

We spend a lot on taxidermy, and it’s essential to keep mounts — shoulder, whole, bird, and European protected and looking good. Velvet Antler Technologies is an excellent go-to, and its TrophyKlean and BoneBrite are two must-have products.

by Jace Bauserman

I have an affinity for taxidermy. It’s more than an affinity; it’s an obsession. From the time I was 12 years old and got my first ring-neck pheasant mounted, my love affair with taxidermy has grown.

Today, my office and basement walls hold 23 shoulder mounts, three full-body mounts, numerous birds, and over 30 European mounts. My wife is a hunter and likes taxidermy, but she recently told me, “No more mounts unless they are big.” 

That’s not going to happen. That is until my bride reads this, and then I will have some explaining to do. 

Taxidermy is expensive, but it’s also an investment, and like all investments, it needs to be protected. I had no idea how to protect my mounts for years, but then I found Velvet Antler Technologies

What Is Velvet Antler Technologies? 

A trio of passionate outdoorsmen owns the company — AJ Pozzuoli, Darrell Gogert, and Trent Keller — all who love hunting. They aimed to create products that protect your shoulder, whole body, and European mounts. They also make easy-to-use, simple-to-pack products that protect hides, velvet-covered antlers, lock turkey fans in place, and more.


While I plan to give all of VAT’s products a go, for this review, I want to highlight a pair I have used with remarkable success, and I highly recommend it to anyone with taxidermy.


A premium taxidermy mount cleaner/conditioner, TrophyKlean removes dust and oils, makes mounts look tremendous, and protects them from invasive bugs. 

I have seen the effects of common cloth moths, beetles, cockroaches, and other mount wreckers. These nuisances can take a pricy mount and destroy it. I have run my hand over deer mounts and watched hair come out, seen turkey mounts with munched feathers, etc. 

How To Apply

I like TrophyKlean’s aroma. However, it is pungent, and I recommend hanging mounts outside for cleaning. I also recommend wearing rubber gloves, and if you get TrophyKlean in your eyes or a heavy dose on your skin, flush with water. 

The spray bottle application makes the process easy. Shoot for a day with little to no wind, hold the bottle about four inches from the mount, and soak the mount. Keep the spray, as much as possible, off painted areas of the mount. 

Apply TrophyKlean liberally, and be sure to saturate the entire hide.

After the mount is soaked, wait for five minutes and then use the included pin brush to massage the liquid into the hair and down into the hide. 

The pin brush is excellent for massaging TrophyKlean deep into the hide for maximum mount protection.

Lastly, take the included towel and wipe the mount down. When you finish, the mount will have a new life, and look how it did the day you picked it up at the taxidermist. 

Can I Use TrophyKlean On Bird Mounts? 

Absolutely! Bird mounts are a moth delicacy, and this product will protect them. Like my shoulder and whole mounts, I apply TrophyKlean to my bird mounts every six months. 

Bird mounts, especially turkeys, have plenty of painted parts. Be sure to keep the spray off all painted parts, and if you do saturate a painted area, wipe the liquid away.

BoneBrite Whitener

Every animal I harvest is special, and every critter is a trophy. If I don’t do a shoulder or whole mount, I do a European mount. This fall, I will do several Euro mounts and a follow-up article on the BoneBrite Whitening/Degreaser Kit. This is a DIY Euro mount kit. 

For now, I want to cover BoneBrite, which I use on European mounts that are losing their white look or starting to get a yellowish hue. 

Set your mount on a flat surface and use the spray bottle to thoroughly cover all visible bone pieces. I also like to use the included brush to spread BoneBrite evenly and get it in hard-to-spray areas. Wear gloves while doing this, and let the whitener dry on the mount for 24 hours.

I get my best results when I place my treated European mounts in the sunlight. 

BoneBrite brings new life to Euro mounts and can be applied many times until you get the whiteness you want to achieve.

After 24 hours, use the included towel and wipe away the dried flakes. You will immediately notice an improvement in the look of your Euro mount. You can repeat this process several times until your desired whitening shad is achieved.  

Final Thoughts

I always feel connected with every animal I harvest, and I prefer to have that animal’s legacy live on by placing it on a wall, shelf, pedestal, etc. 

It takes little time, effort, and money to protect these memories that will become treasured family heirlooms.  

Every six months, as long as I’m alive, Velvet Antler Technologies will be my taxidermy protector. Each product is reasonably priced, and I can’t wait to try other products like VelvaLokHideLokStainSkrub, and FanLok. I can’t recommend VAT products enough, and I know if you give them a go, you’ll be satisfied with them.

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