QAD Raises The Drop-Away Rest Bar Once Again With The Integrate MX2

The industry leader in drop-away rest technology produces another beauty for 2024. QAD’s UltraRest Integrate MX2 is a modern-day rest marvel that squelches noise, destroys vibration, and provides the best, most accurate shooting experience possible.

by Jace Bauserman

My first compound bow was a Chuck Adams Reflex. The rest on that bow was some flimsy lizard-tongue make already attached to the Berger hole when I purchased the compound rig. 

I was not too fond of that rest. It was loud and had a clunky body and heavy-duty attachment bolt, adding too much weight and bulk.

Then, in 2006, I found QAD. Thank God for QAD. Since setting up and tuning that first UltraRest Hunter, I have had some QAD UltraRest build on all of my compound bow models. 


I have never had a QAD rest fail me in the moment of truth. I’ve never had a QAD rest fail me at all. Not to mention that QAD continues to push forward with astounding innovation each year. 

Integrate Technology & The MX

A few years back, QAD once again rocked the industry when compound bow maker Mathews came out with came out with flagship models sporting small slits integrated into the back of the risers. The following year, Hoyt followed suit. 

Dubbed the IMS (Integrate Mounting System), this dovetail mounting rail allowed for the addition of QADS’s most innovative rest make — the UltraRest Integrate MX

The Integrate MX mounts via a two-part locking system to the IMS slits in the riser. Not only does this mean exact leveling, but with no mounting arm or mounting screw, weight is reduced, and the Berger hole becomes obsolete. 

The Dual Dovetail Clamps allow for vertical micro-click adjustments using the micro-adjust knob, and a single Vertical Locking Screw allows for quick left/right adjustment of the Machined Aluminum Launcher Arm.

I could go on. This drop-away rest was a game-changer, and to date, top bow manufacturers like Mathews, Bowtech, Hoyt, PSE, Athens, and Darton have adopted IMS Technology. 

Enter The MX2

I didn’t see it coming. I figured QAD hit the top of the drop-away heap with its MX. I had been using the rest for several years and had harvested a pile of animals with it attached to my various Hoyt bows.

The rest set up in minutes was functional and reduced overall bow weight. The lockdown was absolute, and it was ultra-durable and so accurate. I would have been happy using it for the rest of my bowhunting days. 

Then, QAD dropped a bomb. Enter the new-for-2024 MX2. QAD calls it a massive leap forward in drop-away rest innovation. I call it winning! 

The rest arrived with a sleek, slick, and more streamlined look than its predecessor. A glance inside the package showed an improved, ultra-compact machined launcher design. The Capture Bar also received a facelift — QAD bills it to be 20 percent stronger than the original. 


My heart raced as I opened the packaging and dove further into QAD’s new rest marvel. QAD spoiled me and included a plethora of replaceable launcher dampers in an array of colors to add a flare of personal customization.

The launcher dampers replaced the felt on the side of the launcher arms. QAD’s Kevin Fry told me, “We wanted to do away with the felt on the launcher arms and give shooters something better. Testing proved the new rubber dampers reduce noise and vibration at a higher level. Plus, shooters can customize their rest with so many color options, and since we made the Berger hole obsolete, we have also included Berger hole rubber plugs.”

The Build

This will be a short section. Not because the MX2 doesn’t have much going on — it does — but because it’s so straightforward.

Let’s start with the Launcher Dampers and Berger Hole Plug. The rest comes with new-for-2024 Launcher Dampers installed, but if you want to color customize (I did), raise the launcher arm and push the Rubber Dampers from the outside in. A pair of tweezers will help with insertion and removal. However, don’t pinch or grip the rubber too tightly. After the pre-installed dampers are removed, insert your color of choice.

The Berger Hole Plug is ultra-easy. Put your color of choice into the Berger ole and forget about it. The entire process of switching out dampers and adding the Berger hole plug took less than five minutes. 

Next, I removed the single screw on the outside plate on the Dual Dovetail Clamps and secured the rest to the riser of my Hoyt Alpha X 33. At this point in the process, I go into auto-pilot. I don’t know how many QAD rests I have set up and tuned for myself, family, and friends, but I promise it’s in the hundreds. 

I love the tight braid timing cord. I press my bow and serve the timing cord into my down cable. The full draw indicator marks make timing a breeze. At full draw, the indicator marks should intersect when the launcher rotates to 90 degrees. 

I lock the vertical plate back on when my rest is tuned and ready to go. Once dialed in, the locking down of the vertical plate ensures a two-times stronger hold. 


The Integrate MX2 is rest perfection. After a week of testing and shooting hundreds of arrows in various Morrell Targets like the Big High Roller Foam, I can already tell the Rubber Dampers are more durable than felt. Along with the Berger Hole Plug, they also provided an appreciated element of stealth. 

The rest will never rotate up or down, as with the original MX. It can’t. The two-part locking system, married with the IMS and the rest’s Dovetail Locking, ensures a perfect level to the riser on three axes. 

Another feature I want to point out is Smart Rest Technology because it gets overlooked. After using the thumb wheel to raise the launcher arm to 80 degrees, I can draw my bow and know without question Smart Rest Technology brings the launcher arm to 90 degrees (the most repeatable shot angle to shoot from), and should you need to let down your bow, the arm remains in a vertical position. The arrow stays contained via the design of the launcher arm and capture bar. 

The arm drops forward at the shot, and arrow clearance is maximized via the rapid drop and Lockdown Technology. This technology locks the launcher in the drop-away position, which means no bounce back.

Total Containment Technology is another QAD win. When the launcher arm is locked, the height of the launcher arm bars and the capture bar prevent the arrow from falling out and making contact with the bow’s riser or shelf. This makes the rest ideal for all forms of hunting and target shooting. 

Final Thoughts

I have hunted from Canada to Mexico, from the Rockies to the sunlit plains. I stand behind this statement: You can’t beat the functionality, durability, and spot-on accuracy QAD rests provide. The no-fail design and the manufacturer’s ability to raise the drop-away rest bar and develop new and purposeful technologies shouldn’t be overlooked. You need this rest on your bow. Period. 


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