Tested: Spot-Hogg’s Boonie

Spot-Hogg builds impressive sights. They always have and always will. The manufacturer occasionally crafts a remarkable sight that stands out from the masses. The Spot-Hogg Boonie is that sight.

by Jace Bauserman

As a dedicated Spot-Hogg user, my journey with their sights has been a testament to their reliability. From the Hogg Father to the Hogg-It, Fast Eddie, and Fast Eddie XL, these models have been my trusted companions in the field, helping me bring home the game and create cherished hunting memories. 

I’ve shot dovetail, standard, and PM models with one vertical pin, two vertical pins, three vertical pins, and multiple vertical from-the-side five and seven-pin makes. 


Spot-Hogg sights have never failed me. They are tank-like, offer unlimited adjustments, and allow, depending on the model, dial-to-the-yard precision.

I’d heard rumblings of a new sight from this archery accessory kingpin. A chill ran up my spine when I pulled the new-for-2024 Boonie from its cardboard home.

First Impressions

The PM-style (Pic-Mount) bracket mounts to the front of many modern-day flagship compounds via a bracket and single locking screw. This picatinny-style mounting system ensures absolute lockdown and cuts down on weight. A dovetail bar can be added for standard mounting.

The housing held a trio of in-line vertical .019-inch pins in green, yellow, and green colors. Spot-Hogg calls this pin design Triple Stack, and it’s my favorite of their pin orientations. Of course, you can outfit your Boonie however you desire.

I immediately took notice of the sight’s lighter overall weight. The windage bar also got a facelift. Easier to read laser-engraved marks and a smaller, more streamlined adjustment knob with labeled left/right adjustment settings. Windage adjustments are absolute and have an audible click, which I love. The windage/sight-attachment bracket can be removed and flipped for unlimited left/right movement. 

The sight has a pair of second-axis settings: one where it attaches to the bow (more to come) and one where the sight mount block attaches to the slider rail. Second-axis adjustments where the sight block mounts to the slider rail are the same as always. The sight also showcases a third-axis adjustment.

A giant leap forward with this bow sight, which this Spot-Hogg fanatic loves, is the new lock/unlock feature on the sight yardage wheel, and the wheel is now removable. 

A pair of set screws hold the wheel on the sight. If you remove the set screws (more to come), the wheel comes off, so you can easily add a sight tape. Plus, you can purchase additional wheels for different arrow setups.

The wheel lockdown feature is no longer under the wheel and is no longer a bulky lever. The yardage wheel knob is the middle of the wheel. Like the windage knob, lock and unlock directions are labeled. The wheel is gnarled, making it easy to grip, and a clockwise rotation locks it down while a counterclockwise turn unlocks it.

Boonie Setup 

There are multiple ways you can setup your Boonie. This is how I did mine, and in less than a half-hour, I was driving tacks to the tested distance of 70 yards. 

After mounting the sight on your bow, put it in a bow stand or bow press if you choose the PM-style sight. Next, level the stand or press. Then, attach a string level to ensure the bow is level in the press. Now, use a small level to ensure the sight is level on the bow.

My next step was to confirm my following second-axis setting. For this, I placed the limb pockets on a plumb door jam. Then, I used the double-sided set screw in the sight mounting block to adjust my second axis and center the bubble in my level. 

Next, I moved to a large target and got my Hoyt RX-8 dialed at 20 yards. Again, this sight has so much adjustment. By removing the housing from the bracket, I could maximize the full potential of my yardage rail when dialing in at 20 yards. 

With my Easton Axis 4MM Long Range arrows smacking 1/2-inch diameter dots at 20 yards, I removed the pair of set screws in the yardage wheel, pulled the wheel, and added Spot-Hogg’s test tape. 

After confirming my 60-yard mark, I opted for the 21-sight tape (I would later change to 20). The ability to take the wheel on and off the sight is massive. You can create different wheels for different arrow setups and no longer have to fight threading a sticky sight tape between the wheel’s rim and under the purple indicator arrows. 

Within 30 minutes, my setup was complete, and I was field-ready. 

Final Thoughts

Spot-Hogg’s Boonie is a massive leap forward in sight design and function. Spot-Hogg kept the sight light without compromising durability. As previously mentioned, adjustments are limitless, and I applaud the sleek, streamlined design.

Another must-mention feature is the trio (on the Triple Stack) purple indicator pin adjustments. If you have more than one indicator needle, I highly recommend not trusting the sight tape. Sight-in each indicator needle. The small set screws that hold each indicator needle in place loosen, and you can move each indicator accordingly. 

Spot-Hogg thought of everything with its Boonie build. I’m heading to New York and Vermont in early May to battle Eastern wild turkeys. I’m leaving some space in this article to add the field test. Until then, all signs point to another Spot-Hogg win that your favorite vertical compound needs. 



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