Tested! TenPoint’s New-For-2024 TX 440

The new-for-2024 TX 440 is a forward-limb design crossbow featuring Twin-Riser Technology, an all-new TriggerTech Precision Trigger, Zero-Trac Barrel, Guide-Lock Arrow Rest System, and so much more. If you’re a crossbow aficionado, you want to put this crossbow through the paces and send carbon downrange, trust us.

by Brad Fenson

TenPoint considers itself an engineering company, even though the archery world recognizes it as a leading crossbow manufacturer. The company has been building horizontal bows for 30 years. It continues to develop new technologies and designs to advance bowhunting and provide advantages to hunters and shooters. 

In 2024, TenPoint rolled out the carpet on a long list of new crossbows, with dozens of design changes and performance-enhancing features. A standout in the crowd of newcomers is the TX 440. This crossbow truly pushes new boundaries and breaks the mold for standard crossbow designs.

What makes the TX 440 revolutionary? The twin riser, no rail, new cocking, and de-cocking device, new arrow locking system, and a customized TriggerTech trigger are a couple of starting points. The bow is compact, lightweight, and extremely fast for a forward limb design. The speed demons are usually reverse-draw crossbows, but the TX 440 holds its ground, shooting an honest 440 fps with a hunting arrow and broadhead. 

A Closer Look

When I pulled the TX 440 out of the box, it took a few minutes of looking and exploring to appreciate how many engineering feats TenPoint incorporated into the crossbow. The TX 440 measures 28 inches in length, making it compact for a forward limb design. When cocked, the bow measures 6.5 inches between axles, ensuring it is easy to maneuver and use for any hunting situations. 

Where Do I Put The Arrow?

The TX 440 features a newly developed custom-built TriggerTech trigger, a new Zero-Trac barrel, and a unique Guide-Lock arrow rest system that creates a sturdy, secure, consistent launch platform for launching an arrow from a crossbow. It took a little studying to realize there is no concern about string wear, as the string no longer travels on a track or rail — no more friction issues or lube for the rail.

The new design is a rail-less system that reduces weight and eliminates arrow friction, producing straight nock travel and greater down-range accuracy. It’s a mouthful, but many technical advantages result from the design change. 

There are three points of contact for the forward end of your arrow, with two “never-wear” spring-loaded ball bearings. A A top-mounted retention brush holds the arrow, which keeps the right amount of tension on the arrow to roll on the ball bearings. The design provides durability, longevity, and maximum precision at any distance. 

TenPoint created a snap-in nock, the Alpha-Nock HPX, for the CenterPunch arrows, which snaps into the TriggerTech trigger box for a solid and confirmed hold. The engineers designed the nock to let you hear and feel a snap, letting you know your arrow is appropriately locked and loaded.

The arrow is easy to line up and snap in place. Removal is effortless by grasping the arrow tip and pulling it out of the snap lock. Avid crossbow hunters are used to sliding an arrow down the rail. Changing systems means you must look at the arrow, trigger box, ball bearings, and arrow retention brush to snap it in place quickly and effectively. After a day on the range, it seems like an old habit.

Twin Riser Technology

The TX 440 features Twin-Riser Technology that provides several advantages. The twin riser cuts the overall weight of the bow by 18 percent. At the same time, it is twice as stiff as a traditional one-piece riser. The most significant advantage is a 70 percent reduction in riser flex and limb torque for unmatched front-end stability and accuracy at any range.

The first shot with the TX 440 was quiet, with slight vibration. A crossbow with forward limbs is traditionally front-heavy. However, the TX 440 feels more balanced due to the weight reduction. 

Solid Scope Mount

An ACU-Lock Scope Bridge adds strength and stability and quiets the crossbow by reducing component vibration. It is a solid foundation for scope mounting that prevents accidents by protecting scope alignment if bumped or banged. 

The bridge is not a minor change, as the ACU-Lock Scope Bridge is 25 times stronger than traditional scope rails. The full-length, dual-mounted, machined aluminum bridge allows for more scope adjustment. It is ideal for heavier scopes like the Garmin Xero X1i or the Burris Oracle X, which tend to be beefy compared to a standard crossbow scope. Overall, the scope bridge increases the durability of your crossbow and optic combination. 

Cocking and De-Cocking

TenPoint has perfected its ACUslide cocking device but has continually worked to improve the design or make changes to keep up with new technologies. The new ACUslide MAXX still provides silent and safe de-cocking, but it is quiet, strong, and safe. 

The ACUslide MAXX is built into the butt of the TX 440 to ensure it is always at hand when needed. The crank is stored on the Picatinny rail at the front of the bow and is easy to access or put back securely in place for storage or travel. 

The first thing I noticed about the new cocking aid was the smooth and silent operation. Stop cranking anywhere through the procedure, and everything stays locked in place. You can continue cocking or push the release to start de-cocking. The crank reduces the 300-pound draw weight to a mere 7.2 pounds. Anyone could operate the crank and cock the bow to snap an arrow in place and shoot. 


I’d be remiss not to mention the Canadian-made TriggerTech trigger. Any crossbow enthusiast who wants the ultimate custom trigger would struggle to find something better. The trigger adds safety and breaks crisp, clean, and with zero creep at 3 pounds. The magic of an excellent trigger adds accuracy and precision for the shooter. The trigger is critical in holding 300 pounds of draw weight safely and releasing it with a trigger pull. After shooting the TX 440 several times, I looked into TriggerTech options for some of my hunting rifles.


The stock design of the TX 440 did not go unnoticed. TenPoint made it lightweight to ensure the crossbow did not get cumbersome. Weighing in at 7.2 pounds does not mean the quality of the stock was compromised, as it provides strength and durability. You can add spacers to the butt to alter the length of pull. The proper fit makes any crossbow easier to shoulder and shoot with consistency.  

Safety Update

The new AR-Style Ambidextrous Thumb Safety was impossible to miss, as it was intuitive to find without looking for it. Its location on the crossbow allows the user to keep both hands on the crossbow and eyes locked on the game. It is easy to operate silently without giving up any safety qualities demanded when locked to prevent trigger activation. 

Upgraded Optic

With so many new features on the TX 440, the 100-yard EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope 3.0 was developed to keep up with the pace and offer greater versatility. The variable speed scope maximizes accuracy out to 100 yards. It has a speed dial to accommodate bows that can shoot up to 550 fps. Multi-aiming points, an illuminated reticle, and windage and elevation adjustment allow the optic to keep up with the crossbow. 

Hunting Arrows

The TenPoint CenterPunch HPX Arrow with Snap-In Alpha-Nock works in concert with the TriggerTech trigger. The new nock design snaps into the box for secure seating. The audible snap is confirmation that the arrow is locked in place. CenterPunch HPX carbon arrows are 20 inches long, weigh 445 grains (+/- 1-grain), are outfitted with 3-inch Bohning X vanes, have F.O.C of 15.5 percent, and are finished with an 87-grain brass insert. 

Every CenterPunch arrow has a unidirectional carbon inner layer for stiffness and a woven carbon fiber outer layer for impact strength. The arrow’s Alpha-Nock HPX is for use with new TenPoint crossbows. There are lighted models available. 

Get It Done

The TX 440 chronographed with duplicate readings of 445 fps. Arrow placement was precise, and shooting at different aiming points was a must. If I didn’t, I would damage arrows. The new cocking aid made getting ready for the next shot easy and fast. The crossbow is intuitive to use once you understand the twin riser and new arrow mounting system with the snap nock and ball bearings to support the projectile. The premium bow did not disappoint, and anyone looking for forward-draw limbs with plenty of speed and consistent accuracy will want to keep shooting. 


The TX 440 is sold as a package and ready to hunt out of the box. It includes an EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope 3.0 (100-yard) scope, ACUslide MAXX, 3 CenterPunch HPX arrows, integrated string stop, bow hook, and quiver. 

There are combinations with the Garmin Xero X1i and the Burris Oracle X for optics. 


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