I’ve Got An MTM For That … Get Yours!

From waterfowl to upland to big-game and everything in between, MTM has a crate, box, etc., ready to keep your gear safe and organized.

My garage and gun room are MTM Case-Gard shrines. I’ve used the manufacturer’s cases, boxes, and the like for years. They are durable, functional, economical, and, most importantly, purposeful. 

If you’re a hunter, you need MTM. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small-game goer or big-game fanatic, turkey assassin, or all of the above, MTM makes products that simplify your hunting life.

The to-come MTM products are ones I use religiously, and some I can’t wait to get my hands on.

BTAC-41 Traveler Arrow Case

MTM makes many arrow and bolt cases, but my favorite is the BTAC-41. Slim and sleek, this arrow case holds up to six field-  or broadhead-tipped arrows up to 34 inches long. 

The case makes the perfect home for my Easton Axis 4MM Long Range arrows tipped with SEVR Broadheads. Only two inches thick, the case takes up minimal space in my go-to travel case; Easton’s BowTruck Gen 2. Due to the ultra-spacious nature of the BowTruck, I can place five broadhead-tipped arrows in my quiver and store another six in the BTAC-41. Eleven arrows is plenty for any big-game hunting adventure. 

The notched foam padding holds each arrow tight and keeps fletchings from touching one another. When adding arrows to the case, I place arrows right on each other and set one arrow with the fletchings one way and the next arrow on top with the fletchings the other way. I have had this case in my arsenal for years, and it has never failed me. It holds arrows of all sizes and keeps them 100 percent safe during transport. 

ACDC30 – Ammo Crate Divided Utility Box

I despise loose ammo. Whether on the road to hunting camp or in my gun room, I want every box of ammo organized in a hard case. MTM’s ACDC30- Ammo Crate Divided Utility Box is perfect for this.

The ACDC30 is like having four .30 caliber cans under one roof. The spacious 17.7″ x 8.6″ x 6.6″ interior is ultra-roomy and has a trio of removable partitions. I use the dividers to separate ammo by caliber and type. For instance, I may have three or four boxes of shotgun ammo in one divider section, a few boxes of 6.5 PRC in another section, and several boxes of .280 Ackley Improved in another. Organization options are endless. 

Plus, this case isn’t only optimal for ammo storage. It works well for various gear of any shape and size.

The water-resistant O-ring seal is not submersible but will keep water out. I also applaud the stackable design. I have multiple ACDC30 crates stacked on top of each other in my gun room. This allows me to save space, and because I’m OCD, I inventory all ammo in each crate and record it in my notebook.

Other must-note features of the case are the dual-locking latch design and the crate’s stackable nature. Tie-down and strap-over points mean you can run tie-down straps over the boxes and lash several boxes together. 

MGC – The Mule Mobile Gear Crate

Go big with MTM’s The Mule Mobile Gear Crate. A giant multi-purpose hard case that will hold gear of all shapes and sizes, The Mule is a win. With inside dimensions of 39″ x 11″ x 10.5″, this three-compartment case provides 81 quarts of O-ring sealed storage. 

You can’t go wrong with The Mule. It’s perfect for the on-the-go hunter or those looking to save space and store gear in a safe, organized container. Additionally, three large lift-out trays sit at either end of the crate, and there is ample room underneath for other gear items.

Like the ACDC30, The Mule is stackable, and multiple cases can be lashed together with tie-down and strap-over points. 

I love the smooth recessed wheels, which make transport a breeze. The case and wheels are rated up to 75 pounds. High-impact polypropylene construction is like Fort Knox for your gear, and this Made in the USA case features four no-break snap latches with padlock tabs.

TRC39 – Tactical Rifle Case

With room for lots of gear underneath and a 39″ x 11.7″ x 3.1″ padded Rifle Tray on top, the TRC39 is an excellent go-to for the tactical rifle lover. 

The egg-shell foam padding keeps your favorite tactical rifle, mag, and accessory items safe, and under the tray are 54 quarts of O-ring-sealed storage for extra items you want to tote. 

With this case, you can haul your tactical rifle and all necessary gear. Whether you’re headed to a competition org going on Lone Star State hog adventure, this case is ready to meet the demands of any adventure.  

Four sturdy strap latches with padlock tabs ensure maximum protection and lockdown. Two removable dividers allow for personalized customization of bottom compartment gear. And, like most MTM cases, the design is stackable, and tie-down points ensure multiple cases can be tied together. 

The case’s large handles are comfortable, and like The Mule, the TRC39 has recessed wheels. Maximum load capacity is 75 pounds. 

Final Thoughts

I have only scratched the surface of MTM’s case offerings. Too many times, quality storage cases fly under the “must-have-gear” radar, but they shouldn’t. Quality cases for your arrows, ammo, guns, and gear is a must, and for me, there are none better than those from case mastermind MTM. 


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