The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

The Morrell MOD Pro: A Must-Have Bag Target

I’ve never been a fan of bag targets. I swore them off years ago. That’s all changed now, though. You can’t beat the design, durability, and interchangeable target face build of Morrell’s Yellow Jacket MOD Pro.

by Jace Bauserman

I’m not particularly eager to sugarcoat things. You all work too hard and are too serious about your gear and hunting endeavors to read beat-around-the-bush ink.

On that note, I’m not a fan of bag targets. The first archery target I owned was a bag target. When I had to cut my arrows out of it because they wouldn’t pull out, I discovered it was filled with rags and trash. I sliced that piece of garbage apart with my knife.

Since then, I’ve opted for foam-layered block-style and 3-D targets. Shooting these targets is an absolute blast, promoting easy arrow removal and adding an element of fun to your hunting practice. They stand up to thousands of shots and resist wear and tear from Mother Nature.

One of my all-time favorite square foam targets is Morrell’s BIG High Roller Foam Target. The target offers six-sided shooting in a dice-style format. I love the sunk-in two-inch diameter white shooting spots, and the hand rope means the target can be toted anywhere.

Recently, my friends at Morrell asked me if I would try their new-for-2024 MOD Pro bag target. Deep down, I wanted to resist, but I’m such a fan of Morrell that I decided to give bag targets one more go.

The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

And I must say, I’m relieved that I did. The Yellow Jacket MOD Pro bag target has restored my faith in bag targets. It’s a game-changer, and I’m sure you’ll be as satisfied as I am.

The Yellow Jacket MOD Pro

The target is sizeable, measuring 29 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 31 inches tall. I like a large target for several reasons. First, though I shoot every day, perfection in archery, though it should be strived for, is unattainable. Arrows are pricy, and I prefer a big target when shooting at longer ranges. The large shooting surface gives you room for error and peace of mind that if one of your 90-yard arrows is a little off, it will likely still be in the target.  

The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

The target features a flat bottom, and over the one-month testing period, I sat it on concrete, uneven dirt, and even dug it into a hillside. The flat bottom, combined with the target’s weight (56 pounds), provides a stable shooting platform regardless of the terrain.

The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

Though this isn’t a target you want to carry everywhere, the transport handle does make moving the target easy. I recommend finding a permanent location for the MOD Pro—where you can shoot close and far—and leaving it. You don’t want to take this target on road trip hunts.

The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

My favorite feature of the target, though, is the interchangeable faces. Morrell hit a home run with this. The MOD Pro comes with a blank bale side, which is perfect for target panic or adding spots and dots (stickers and spray paint work great). The other side of the target has multiple solid and open shooting spots of various sizes. Best of all, though, the target has a pair of Velcro strips running down each side. When you purchase the MOD Pro, it comes with a MOD Pro Tuning + Precision Wrap. The wrap also has Velcro, and it quickly and easily wraps around the target to give you an entirely different shooting face.

The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

The MOD Pro Tuning + Precision wrap is excellent for sighting-in (more to come) at ranges close and far. Sold separately and a must-add, in my opinion, are other target wraps. For $22.99 per face, you can purchase the Games Wrap, ASA/IBO + Scoring Wrap, Redding NFAA Bullseyes Wrap, NFAA 40 + 60 CM Wrap, Long Distance 80 CM Wrap, and Buck + Turkey Wrap.

With these wraps, you can, in seconds, change the look and feel of the target. You can practice pounding deer vitals for a group, and after pulling your arrows, change the face and shoot ASA/IBO scoring.

The MOD Pro is rated up to 435 fps, and after over a month of sitting out in nine thunderstorms and scorching heat, it still looks and performs like new.

MOD Pro – Tested True

A target can have fancy features, but those features mean nothing if it doesn’t perform well. From the pictures in this article, you’ll see that I purchased a second MOD Pro. That’s how much I enjoy shooting this target, and it should tell you all you need to know about how it performs.

I’ve shot Easton 4mm Axis Long Range and X10 Parallel Pro shafts into this target from as close as five yards to as far as 142 yards. The target stops my arrows dead, and they aren’t kicked up, down, left, or right. I’m not too fond of a bag target that kicks my arrows. I want to look through my binoculars and see the correct impact.

The Morrell Mod Pro: A Must Have Bag Target

Though the bag target is not recommended for arrows with outserts, I’ve had zero trouble pulling my 55-grain Aluminum/Aluminum Easton Half-Outs from the target. It requires a little more elbow grease, and there is a distinct pop when the shaft comes out, but it’s nothing major. I also haven’t noticed these Half-Out arrows tearing up targets or target faces.

I made it a point to shoot a few spots on the target hundreds of times. While constant group shooting does lead to bag and foam target breakdown over time, the MOD Pro handles groups like a champ. I’ve hammered repeatedly at all three spots but still the target still stops the arrows dead. I’ve yet to have a single arrow poke out the backside of the target.

My favorite target face is the MOD Pro Tuning + Precision Wrap. I set up and test a lot of bows. The 1-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1/2-inch dots and squares and a 1-inch square-grid tuning system make tuning and sighting-in easy. I also love, as mentioned previously, that I can make a quick change and shoot deer and turkey vitals, play a dart game with friends, and prepare for competition shoots.

Final Thoughts

This is a must-have bag target that changed my opinion on bag targets. Besides not handling broadheads, which no bag target can, the MOD Pro is a must-add to any backyard range. You can’t beat the $179.99 price tag or the $22.99 for each wrap. From blank bailing to scoring to tuning to competition preparation, the MOD Pro is a do-all target.


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