Broadhead Confidence

Hunting for wild boar with my son Cameron, we pointed our noses into the wind and crept towards the thick tangle of shrubs. We spied a black spot in the center of the trees and had a good feeling it was a pig tucked into a hole to sleep the day away. We had snuck to 10 yards of the dark object and started to think it was just a shadow. Just then, the wind swirled, and I could feel it tickle the back of my neck. Instantly, the shrubs exploded with alarm squeals and hogs running in every direction.

A giant boar ran past me at six yards, and two more exited out the far side of the trees. I looked back at the nest the group of hogs had been sharing, and a massive boar was looking around and trying to figure out what had disturbed its slumber party. I lifted my TenPoint Vapor RS470 to my shoulder and found the massive hog in the scope. The boar was about 25 yards away, and as it stepped forward, a clear shooting lane opened. The pig was at an extreme quartering away angle. I held the crosshair on the animal’s flank and envisioned the travel path of the arrow to its exit.

I gently squeezed the trigger, and the SEVR broadhead made a resounding “thwack” as it found the dense hog. The big boar jumped and tried to run but was not seen or heard leaving the confines of the shrubby vegetation. The pig was much bigger than I ever anticipated. The shot angle would mean the arrow would travel almost the entire length of the solid boar.

We cautiously moved forward and found the boar 12 yards from where it stood when the arrow hit him. I moved to the front of the animal and could not believe my eyes. The arrow had traveled the entire length of the hog and had exited just under the animal’s chin. A good ten inches of the arrow hung out with the broadhead, fully deployed, gleaming in the winter sun. We later put the hog on a scale. It weighed just over 300 pounds, which meant the arrow had unbelievable energy and penetration, traveling the length of the pig.

Choosing a Broadhead

I took the steep-angle shot on the hog because I had confidence in my equipment. I have shot dozens of animals with horizontal and vertical bows and love the engineering and design of SEVR broadheads.

SEVR’s Lock-and-Pivot blades lock open on impact, but the blades can pivot as needed when hitting bone or other dense body parts. The pivoting blades ensure the arrow continues to fly true and straight through game when needed. The results speak for themselves, and the 2.0 I used on the hog had steered its way to success.

The other benefit of a SEVR broadhead is a Practice Lock screw placed into the broadhead to keep the blades from deploying. The lock screw allows hunters to practice with the actual broadheads used to hunt with later, without dulling blades. I checked my zero that morning, removed the lock screw after practice, made sure an O-ring was in place and killed the hog with the same head.

SEVR broadheads are designed to provide a Stretch Cut Effect, where the blade stretches the hide while cutting. The result is large wounds, increased blood spores, and more effortless follow-up.

Everybody Likes Options

SEVR makes several different models of broadheads that provide benefits and options to different shooters with different equipment. The SEVR Titanium 1.5 was made for bow or crossbow hunters who want the very best and prefer a 1.5-inch cutting diameter with a more swept-back blade cutting angle for maximum penetration. Less blade means a quick clean cut. Perfect for hunting large, thick-skinned, heavy-boned animals.  Also great for lower-poundage and/or short draw shooters where reduced cutting effort and added penetration are particularly beneficial. This head is also perfect for hunts where you want to minimize hide damage, like on a mountain lion.

The Titanium 2.0 (Ti 2.0) looks similar to the Ti 1.5 but has a more swept-back blade angle, re-engineered deployment arm geometry, and 2-inch cutting diameter blades. The Ti 2.0 is ideal for hunters that want greater penetration of larger game species. I have used the broadhead on deer, elk, and black bears that have helped build my confidence in consistency and effectiveness. The Robusto 2.0 is a beefy 150-grain head, ideal for crossbow hunters. The extra weight increases  FOC to improve accuracy, increased momentum, and devastating penetration.

SEVR Ti 1.5 and Ti 2.0 blades are made of 420-grade stainless steel with a .032-inch thickness for superior strength and durability. The two models are offered in 100 and 125 grains with standard 8-32 threads or 100 grains for use with Deep Six threads. The Ti models are sold individually or in any quantity desired exclusively through

The final option is the SEVR AP 1.7, designed with an intermediate cut diameter and blade angle, with a precision 7075-alloy ferrule, .035-inch thick blades, and precision stainless-steel tip. The SEVR AP (all-purpose) 1.7 is ideal for bow or crossbow hunters looking for a broadhead for any hunting where high performance is expected.


Seeing the results of a superior broadhead builds confidence in a shooter and hunter. Harvesting six mature black bear boars with the Ti 2.0 and Robusto 2.0 allowed me to watch the animal expire without having to worry about tracking. White-tailed deer are notorious for running on adrenaline, but they do not go far when you SEVR the energy supply.

Create your confidence broadhead by shooting SEVR, seeing the results, and believing it will provide an advantage every time you hunt.

Easy Choice

The most challenging decision is to pick one of the SEVR models for a specific hunt. The good news is that they fly like field points and are interchangeable as long as you use the same head weight. Once you experience the properties and benefits of each model, you will discover that options are always nice to consider.

SEVR designed

SEVR broadheads are available in four models with 100-, 125-, and 150-grain options in standard 8-32 threads. SEVR broadheads are available at

Special Golden Estrus

Archers are always looking for an advantage to draw deer close and keep their attention focused away from the hunter. Wildlife Research Center has been developing its Special Golden Estrus for 30 years. The demand for the product continues to increase because it works. Three decades ago, Special Golden Estrus was released to the public, and few deer hunters have not tried it. Special Golden Estrus is the Fresh and Super Premium Doe urine with Estrus Secretions packaged for use this year.  Every bottle is labeled with its serial number and “Use By” date. The deer-producing product is available for 2021 with 30th-anniversary packaging, and supplies are limited.


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