Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11×7.5

We all need more space, storage, room, whatever you want to call it. Keter answers the call with numerous sheds that resist the weather, look great, and give you many storage options.

by Jace Bauserman

As an outdoor writer and full-time tester of outdoor gear, space is always an issue for me. My office is cluttered, my garage a maze of boxes and equipment, and my downstairs gun room rivals my 13-year-old’s room regarding cleanliness and organization.

Two months back, my wife looked at me and said, “You need to build an office outside with more space, and you need a shed.”

Oh, my do I love my wife.

While plans for a sizeable office build are in the works, we needed something now—something durable that would give us additional storage space.

Enter Keter’s Newton 11.7.5 Storage Shed – Grey. If any of the above hits home, and you’re looking for more storage or a simple, durable, weather-proof building option capable of storing everything from the lawnmower to gun safes, clothing, and other outdoor gear, this shed gets my nod approval.

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5

The Assembly

Whenever I review or write about a product, I work hard to craft pure honesty into my review. Telling you this shed is a breeze to assemble would be a lie. However, it doesn’t take an engineering degree from MIT, either.

Before you start, do yourself a favor and get (if you don’t have one) a powerful cordless drill. There are countless screws, and a Milwaukee M18, magnetic Phillips bits—one regular and one extended—will save you loads of time and energy.

While in the toolbox, snag a rubber mallet and a complete set of wrenches. Also, don’t forget the ladder. You will be working over your head some. 

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5

To the designer’s credit, the instructions are remarkably detailed. Keter provides written instructions with images; each box, bag, etc., containing parts is clearly labeled. No parts were missing, and while there are over 80 steps to complete the assembly, not having to jump back and forth to YouTube and search tirelessly for pieces and parts saves time.

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5

Assembly Tip #1: Follow The Instructions

My buddy Jason looked at me twice and asked, “Why are the instructions having us do this when I feel like we should do this?”

Jason is a building whiz, and both times, we ignored the instructions and did it his way. Both times, disassembly was required, which cost us time and energy. Follow the instructions STEP BY STEP! The engineers that designed the shed have a reason for each step, most of which we discovered was to help lock this puzzle-piece build in place while still allowing for some wiggle room to make a piece here and a piece there fit.

Assembly Tip #2: Lay It Out

I mentioned that Keter did a bang-up job with their part labeling. Do yourself a favor and lay all the parts out with the numbers facing up so you can find pieces quickly.

After assembling the floor, walls, room, doors, and windows, our total set-up time from start to finish was four yours and forty-two minutes.

Assembly Tip #2: Don’t Over-Tighten

Many of the screws go directly into the resin walls, floor, and roof. Going to fast will cause the screws to strip and rip the material. Go slow, and when a screw is snug, move onto the next. Also, don’t over-tighten bolts, especially during the build process. If you leave bolts loose, you leave yourself some wiggle room for proper alignment later on.

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5

Shed Features

Jason and I both thought the shed felt flimsy during the build process. After the build and locking every part in, we were both super impressed with the stability and durability of the final product.

Keter uses cutting-edge Evotech+ materials that last longer than wood and resist Mother Nature’s most foul moods. The shed is all-weather resistant. Since assembly, the shed has been rained on four times—twice hard—and stood tall in winds up to 41 miles per hour. The shed is rated to handle winds up to 90 miles per hour. If you live in a windy area like I do, I recommend setting the shed on concrete and then using concrete screws to anchor it down.

The flooring is heavy-duty. I parked my four-wheeler and lawn mower in the shed without damaging the floor. I love the sizeable double-entry door. When open, the door works in concert with the windows and full-length skylight to let light in, and it gives you room to get equipment in and out of the shed. I despise a cramped shed. A lock is not included, but the handle design will accept a lock. A steel frame adds reinforcement, and according to Keter, the fortified roof will handle over a foot of snow.

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5


Once finished, I was thrilled at the amount of room the shed provided. Keter also sells a Storage Shed Shelf Kit, which I will assemble and use in the coming year. The shed is a true outdoor building for now, holding my mower, ATV, chainsaws, weed-eater, gas cans, etc.

Once my office build is complete and I put an addition on the garage, the shed will house my Scent Crusher Ozone Locker, rubber boots, decoys, waders, calls, and the list of outdoor gear goes on.

What I Learned

We ALWAYS need more room, and if you spend some time on Keter’s website, you’ll find a shed that will serve your needs. The shed I ordered costs $1,899.99, but it’s already paying for itself. For years, I stored my ATV and mower outdoors. Both have been damaged by hail, and the wear and tear of sitting outdoors 365 days a year has cost me more than $1,900.

Need More Storage Space? Get A Newton 11x7.5

Some sheds are eyesores. The Newton 11×7.5 is not. The outer and inner are easy to clean, and I love the look of the black doors, black roof, black trim, and grey body. The shed adds to, not takes away from, the look of our backyard, which my wife and I both love.

If you’re in the market for a new shed, Keter offers safe and secure payment plans, delivery is a breeze, and the shed comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

Specifications: Newton 11×7.5 Storage Shed – Grey

  • Window Count2
  • Capacity540.7 cu. ft.
  • Entry Width54.6 in
  • Exterior Depth90.5 in
  • Minimum Foundation Size137.7×90.5 in
  • Exterior Height99.6 in
  • Exterior Width137.7 in
  • Shipping Weight476.2 lbs
  • Interior Depth79.1 in
  • Interior Height95.2 in
  • Interior Width128.7 in
  • LockableYes
  • MaterialResin & Metal
  • Product Weight432.1 lbs
  • Roof ShapePeak roof
  • Weather ResistantYes




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