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More Big Game

The Barbary Pirates of West Texas

It’s always been a dream to hunt bighorn sheep in the natural environment of the southwest, roaming free from the hand of man. And while each year I apply for bighorn tags in multiple

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Long Prongs

“He’s got long prongs, I’ll give him that!” said Ted Simpson as he stepped back so I could peer through his spotting scope. “Can’t tell much about anything else. See what you think! Once

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Boreal Bounty

After years of waiting for an early-season moose draw, I was back in the forest to hunt the largest member of the deer family. The first week of October was set aside with plans

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Antelope Follies

An antelope buck suddenly appeared on the rise in front of me and headed to the water’s edge to get a drink. Facing me, the buck didn’t look that impressive, and I didn’t even

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Glen Dene Hunting New Zealand

We wound our way down the old bulldozer trail off one of the high ridges and came face-to-face with two mature red stags. They were so close I could smell the musky perfume of

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Yukon Moose Adventure

The thundering beats of the spinning propeller on our Beaver aircraft echoed inside my head as we motored across the lake for takeoff. I watched the wake from the floats turn into a spray

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Born Hunting