Top Multi-Pin Bow Sights for Bowhunters

Bowhunting is a game of inches and accuracy is paramount. Regardless of the bow and arrow combo you shoot, it’s only as effective as the bowhunter’s ability to place a pin on the target and release it cleanly. Even then, any number of random events can lead to a painful miss. A bow sight that works well for the bowhunter and is sighted correctly can help overcome the shooting challenges of bowhunting.

Today’s market includes several categories of bow sights available for bowhunters, including single-pin, multi-pin, and rangefinding bow sights. Each type has its place, primarily derived from individual bowhunters’ preferences and shooting style (or habits).

In general, single-pin bow sights work well for shooting environments where ranges are known, such as a treestand. Rangefinding bow sights eliminate the need to carry a separate rangefinder and increase the bowhunters’ ability to know the exact distance to a target; however, they introduce a non-traditional shot progression and are not legal in every state (refer to your state regulations to be sure). Multi-pin bow sights have been around for the longest and are a solid choice for many bowhunters.

The focus of this article is on multi-pin bow sights. Under the umbrella of multi-pin bow sights, there is a wide range of choices, including fixed or movable, the number of pins, fitment, mount, and, of course, price. Before selecting a bow sight, consider these primary features to ensure you bolt on the best-suited one for your individual needs.

Fixed or Movable

A fixed sight allows the bow sight’s pins to be sighted to desired distances. A movable sight includes sighted pin capabilities and a dial, making one pin – usually the bottom one – adjustable to distances of 100-plus yards, in many cases.

Number of Pins

Multi-pin bow sights range from three to seven pins, typically configured in 3, 5, or 7 pin models. Shooting style and environment will determine a selection. The more pins available, the more shot choices that are available. In contrast, more pins create a clouded sight window, making it difficult to select and aim the correct pin quickly.

Fitment and Mount

The overall size, especially the length and width of the bow sight, will affect the bow’s balance. Each bow set-up is different. Depending on the individual, it may be more desirable to have weight forward (from a longer sight) or weight back (more compact sight).

Most bow sights are mounted to the bow via the traditional screw holes on the side of the riser. Recently, several bow manufacturers have added their own mounting style, such as a dovetail mount. Additionally, many of today’s bow sights are low-profile, making them fit closer to the center of the bow, allowing quivers to fit better as well.

Pins and Housing

Pins are offered in several high-visibility colors and can be customized on some models. Pins also come in various diameters. Note that the wider the pin, the more of the target it covers. At the same time, it is more difficult to see, especially in low light. Pin housings are also available in different sizes and are designed to match the size of the peep sight used.


You can still purchase a good multi-pin bow sight for under $100, but it is more difficult to do these days. Most bows sights on the market are priced between $200 and $400, depending on available options. The essential factor in making a decision is to ensure the use of a bow sight that fits your comfort zone. Choose a bow sight that includes the features you want for a price you are willing to pay.

The following list includes several viable multi-pin bow sights to help narrow the field with the above in mind.


IQ Pro Hunter Sight

The Pro Hunter includes IQ’s proprietary Retina Lock alignment technology. The Retina Lock technology makes it possible to shoot with both eyes open and without a peep. Having that ability makes shooting in low-light situations more effective. The Pro Hunter is a 3-pin sight with a rapid-drive pin adjustment system that allows the bottom pin to be used at any distance, adjusted with a zero-stop knob on the bottom of the pin housing. The sight retails right around $330.

Top Features:

  • Tool-free micro adjust windage and elevation
  • 2nd/3rd axis adjustable
  • Multiple bow and quiver mounting points
  • Improved Contained Fibers
  • Right-Hand Model Only

From IQ

“Designed with versatility in mind, the IQ Pro Hunter features two slimmer fixed pins for shots at shorter distances and a third slimmer ‘floater’ pin that can be dialed to specific yardages for precision aiming when shots call for a stretch of the tape.”



HHA Sports Tetra 4-Pin

The tetra 4-Pin sight is lightweight and rugged. Its elevation adjustment provides over 2-inches of travel, making it capable of shooting distances of 20 to 100 yards for most setups. The dial wheel is purposely forward to work well with all quiver mounts. It is adjustable across all three axes. The Tetra 4-Pin retails for around $350, depending on its configuration.

Top Features

  • Quick detach mount
  • 4”-8” Dovetail mount
  • Infinite elevation adjustment system
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Mechanical rheostat to control fiber optic brightness

From HHA Sports

“For the ultimate  in versatility for any game and any season, look no further than the Tetra multiple-pin line of bow sights.”



Trophy Ridge React Pro

The React Pro is a 5-pin bow sight available with five .019 or .010 horizontal pins. Its React Technology allows the shooter to sight the first two pins, and then the three bottom pins are automatically set based on the results. The React Pro retails for a penny under $300.

Top Features

  • React Technology automatically adjusts all five pins to the optimal location
  • Advanced tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Strengthen accuracy at severe angles over longer distances with third axis adjustment
  • Durable stainless steel hardware and solid aluminum construction
  • Ultra-bright fiber optic yardage indicators to compensate for various environmental conditions

From Trophy Ridge

“React® Technology combined with the premium features of a top-of-the-line target sight to give you consistently high-performance hunt after hunt.”



Black Gold Ascent Verdict

The Ascent Verdict is available in 3- or 5-pin configurations. It’s a movable sight, with the bottom pin becoming the aiming point throughout its range. The sight comes standard with 54 sight tapes. The ascent Verdict can be purchased with its new X-Frame or 4-inch Dovetail base. Unlike other movable sights, it works well with one-piece quivers. Its revolutionary SkyCoil gathers light from above to light the pins brightly. The 3-pin model retails for under $300, and the 5-pin model is priced at just over $300.

Top Features

  • Precision 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability
  • Indicator needle is indexable for easy re-sighting
  • Splined vertical drive gear increases durability and is quieter
  • High-performance PhotoChromatic shell
  • Angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from the side or back

From Black Gold

“Dial-of-Death adjustment system gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters; 80% more gear surface interface means smoother operation, no gear burnout; reliable SureGrip knob.”



Apex Gear Covert 4-Pin

The Covert 4-Pin is a movable sight. In a locked position, it is used like any other multi-pin bow sight. When unlocked, a dial wheel allows the bottom pin to be used to maximize range. The Covert 4-Pin comes with 120-plus sight tapes to make sight-in set-up easy. It is reasonably priced at under $200.

Top Features

  • One-hand adjustments
  • Includes over 120 pre-marked yardage tapes
  • Rear-facing, easy-to-see yardage tape location
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Adjustable yardage pointer

From Apex Gear

“The Covert Four-Pin takes versatility to a new level, combining the benefits of a long-range sliding single-pin sight with those of a traditional multi-pin sight.”



TruGlo Carbon Hybrid

The Carbon Hybrid is constructed from a combination of aluminum and carbon composites, giving the sight a significant strength-to-weight ratio. Its unique construction is durable and transfers less vibration during the shot. Its long fibers and PRO•BRITE pins ensure the sight pins are well-lit in all environments. Best of all, the Carbon Hybrid retails for under $100.

Top Features

  • Lightweight carbon composite and aluminum construction
  • Hybrid construction transfers less vibration
  • Unique PRO•BRITE pin design for increased durability and brightness
  • Extra-long fibers for maximum brightness
  • Reversible bracket for increased vertical adjustment range

From TruGlo

“Featuring PRO•BRITE Pin Technology, CARBON•HYBRID is the new standard for ultra-lightweight, multi-pin, micro-adjustable bow sights.”



CBE Trek Pro

The Trek Pro is available as a single-pin sight and 3- and 5-pin configurations. The sight can be configured with .010” or .019” bladed pins. The Trek Pro’s unique design allows sighting at 30 and 60 yards, followed by attaching a laser-engraved aluminum sight tape to finalize sight-in. A new rheostat cover optimizes light gathering for all shooting environments. The Trek Pro is priced at $330.

Top Features

  • Hybrid elevation adjust
  • Adjustable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis
  • Rapid drive for fast adjustments
  • Windage and elevation lock
  • Dead stop for top pin

From CBE

“The ALL-NEW CBE Trek Pro Bow Sights are packed with premium features that will handle any distance and any light condition, all in a simple-to-use, versatile bow sight. “




Bushnell Broadhead Archery Rangefinder

Regardless of the type of bow sight you bolt to your bow, knowing the exact range of the target is a must. Having a fully capable rangefinder at hand increases your chances of success while bowhunting. The new Bushnell Broadhead rangefinder was explicitly built for archers, bowhunters.

The Broadhead rangefinder includes a new full spectrum ranging system with premier hardware and software technology. Together, they ensure consistent readings no matter the reflectivity of the target. The Broadhead ranges effectively to 150 yards with a plus or minus of 0.3 yards.

For the ultimate in bowhunting success this year, pick up the Bushnell Broadhead rangefinder.


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